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Literature is not the only kind of art I like; I also love cute pixel-art and amazing photography!:heart:



Little fellow, little brain,
I hate to say this, but dear, you're a pain!

So calm and passive during most of the day,
but as soon as night strikes, you're off and away.

Rambling, babbling, losing night's sleep;
why not concentrate on counting some sheep?

One sheep, two sheep.. Oh, this is no use.
Why me, little brain? You silly goose!

Daylight's approaching, and why, I'm still awake!
Oh, really, brain. I want to sleep! What does it take?

I've got some blankets, some pillows, and a nice little bed.
But what am I doing? Why, talking to my head!

Anyhow, it's no use anymore. Morning's here.
Better get ready and dressed, brain, you hear?

Yes . . . yes, better get . . get dressed . . .
Oh, in five minutes . . . I'm . . I'm getting sleepy. . very. . . who would have guessed?
Speak to me with that
poetic fluency of yours.

Tell me something that I already know,
but add that extra spice that makes
everything sound ten times lovelier.

But - don't just spurt out the words!
You have to do it the right way;
The kind of way that makes me fall for you, every time.

Think with your brain,
process with your heart,
and speak from your soul.

Add nerve and courage,
and speak with delicacy and kindness.
Be kind to your words.

Observe more often than not,
and only when what you have to say is lovelier
than pure silence itself,
Speak to me with those poetic words of yours.
Felt like writing at 11 pm, not really sure why! I feel a bit more relaxed now, as
I just finished a very good anime called "Isshuukan Friends," or "One 
Week Friends." It's proably one of the best, if not the best, animes I've watched
in a really long time. It also has a very good soundtrack, which actually inspired
me to write this!
Good morning/night wherever you are! :huggle:
Every day, I think about the things
that make me happy.

I think about my friends,
about my family.
I think about yummy goods like chocolate,
about the upcomming, exciting things awaiting for me.


There are also things I think about
that make me sad.

Like the times I've dissapointed someone,
the times I've lost someone I love.
Like the times I've made someone angry,
or perhaps even sad.


Then I think...
I will thrive to make the people I love proud.
I accept that death is the most natural process.
There are such things as apologies,
and no one can stay angry for so long.

And then...
I realize that being sad is just
like turning off the light.
When one wishes to turn it on again,
they can return to their happy state!

And the best part?
We can turn on the light whenever we want to.
Sometimes I also think about blurry memories,
and I always wonder if they happened or if they were just dreams.. o.o
Enter a world of thoughts,
a place of your own.
Yet that [one] voice will always tell you
that you're truly never alone.
Happy belated Valentine's Day! :heart: :huggle: :heart:
I don't really know why I wrote this, it's just something that came out
of no where.. But I like it. Somehow, I believe that you truly will never end up/be alone.
...Which is kind of scary. ._. At least, that's what I think....
You found out already? We're the prey.
Soon to be served in a silver tray,
ready for their gruesome dinner buffet.
You want to survive? Play those steps on replay.
1) suck up and obey;
2) bite your tongue and go their way.
Their ways are no child's play.
They know it is not okay
to make up lies and put them on display.
Yet they'd ignore the rules any day,
you'd be surprised with how much they get away.
Yet surprisingly you dared disobey,
had the guts to say what no other'd say.
I'd advise you to run very far away,
but they'd find you just halfway.
I'll say, what you did was just nasty play,
but you know? You're leading astray.
One day we'll just make them pay
for letting us decay
every single day.
Perhaps not today,
but soon they'll be the ones in the trays.
Let them know the taste of dismay.
Foul Play
Tried experimenting a "bit" more with rhyme. After some weeks of being inactive and not writitng at all, this might sound very rusty.. Nevertheless, I think I'm liking it more as I read it a couple of times ^-^ If you want to express your opinions about what this means, feel free. There's no right or wrong answer, I made it "universal," so people will obviously have different perspectives about what this might mean. (I myself am not entirely sure!)


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"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you to something great. So just focus, and keep aiming."

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