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Literature is not the only kind of art I like; I also love cute pixel-art and amazing photography!:heart:




Look at all the oceans,
seas, and rivers;
All mighty forces that
separate us in between.

Now search that hidden fire
we've all got in, within us;
If you find it, you'll be
stronger than you've ever been.

Conquering isn't easy, as they're
our fears and struggles;
You'll find yourself fighting
great lengths.

But if you try,
you've already won two battles;
The most crucial of all:
courage and strength.
We've all got our problems, we've all got those  obstacles that hamper us from achieving somethinf we want. Sometimes we're too scared to face them, other times we think we're to weak. But in reality, we can do it. It's up to us to find our inner fire, and face those problems and obstacles.
I remember
the day our bodies chose to sit
in front of each other.

Little did we know
that our souls would form a connection
like no other.

Time went by,
and we would talk about
the goofiest things.

Wholesome moments would
advance slowly; time is generous
with what it brings.

A tiger's courage
was needed to say "I love you,"
as our hearts desired.

But we were too scared,
fearing the possible rejection that
beared with our thoughts, all acquired.

One day I'll have the
courage to tell you those words,
of which my heart has been aching to let out.

And with that, our souls
will happily merge together,
and from our hearts lovely joy will sprout.
Skinny Love
I haven't posted in ages, so here goes a lovely poem I wrote from the bottom of my heart (truly). 
                                    :rose:            :rose:            :rose:
"Skinny love: when two people love each other but are too shy to admit it but they still show it."
My love is unlimited.
The problem is that
I love loving,
and sometimes I love
loving a little too much.

And sometimes, I feel pain when I love.

You used to ask me why
I kept on loving,
because each time I did, I
ended up feeling unbearable pain.
My reply was, simply,
that I loved loving, that pain wasn't going
to stop me from loving.

Then, you replied
that probably, I'm not really in love with
loving, that what i'm
really in love with is

And sometimes, I think it's true.
Anne-Marie: "Life is beautiful."

Robin: "Life sucks."

Jack: "And the stars are white."

Robin: "Stars aren't white, they're multicoloured!
They're red, they're green, they're yellow;
some explode, some stay for centuries."

Jack: "Exactly. Stars aren't white."

Robin: "Then why did you say they were?"

Jack: "Because you said life sucked."

Robin: "What does that have to do with the stars?"

Jack: "Life is like the stars your eyes see
during nighttime. You see stars as white,
but in reality, they're not.
They're all what you said.
They're multicoloured, they explode,
they stay.
Your eyes don't allow you to see all of this,
but you know it's true.

Life is multicoloured, like a star.
You see it as grey and depressing, Anne-Marie sees it
as bright yellow and beautiful. Life creates, but
life won't stay forever.
Life is red passion for some, but for others it's
envy green. You don't see all of these perspectives,
but you know they exist for some people.
Just as you know that stars aren't white.

If you know that stars aren't white,
then can you accept the fact that
life isn't all you think there is to it?
Why don't you get your telescope
and look at life as how it really is?"

Robin: ...
Life Telescope
I realised that I haven't written anything in ages. I apologise, as I have been super busy. I hope you have the patience to read all of this. :meow:


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"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you to something great. So just focus, and keep aiming."

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