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Literature is not the only kind of art I like; I also love cute pixel-art and amazing photography!:heart:



I feel myself fal
-ling into

I'm starting
to feel another self
creep into my body.
I am not me.

All the things I
enjoyed, I don't find them
pleasurable anymore.

I'm feeling hatred towards
others, and I'm being a
despicable version of someone
I used to call myself.

I don't hold doors for people
anymore. I mock others when
they're feeling embarrassed,

I feel the coldness in my bones.
That sweet, bubbly feeling
I got when I saw friends
is now gone.
I have no friends anymore.

May I ask the person who
snatched the sheepish smile
right out of my face,
to give it back.
I ask them to return my normal
self, because I don't know
who I've become.

I'm disgusted at myself.
i'm becoming meaner each day
i feel it in my bones, but i don't know how to stop it anymore.
Birthday by SerenityStars
Errr so, I know this is a little odd. I rarely submit/upload anything that's not writing, but today I just felt I wanted to post something different! :meow:

I really enjoy drawing and paining in my free time, but watercolors have never really been my thing. The first time I used watercolors, it resulted in an utter disaster, and I ended up hating watercolors! But then one day, I really had nothing to do and wasn't in the mood for writing, this kind of happened. :D

This was something I did for my dad, whose birthday was around a week ago. THE DESIGN IS NOT MINE, IT IS FROM A PHOTO I SAW ON THE INTERNET. I just redrew it a different way. I really can't find the original link or photo for the painting, so if you know who did this, or what the link might be, please do tell me!

Happy birthday, if it is indeed your birthday today! :cuddle:
I once felt as though I
could've blown a wall away,
with the mere tranquility of my mind.

But I do not seem to understand;
with all these rocks I've on my shoulders now,
I am not able to move a simple feather away?
For those who celebrate it, happy Easter!! :heart:
This is completely irrelevant when it comes to Spring or Easter, but I just felt like writing
this because.. well because a lot of people, including me, I know are stressed at the moment. And since I can't
really go outside right now, I guess I just decided to write my thoughts out.

If you don't celebrate it, you can still eat tons of chocolate! :meow:
Life begins as a blank canvas,
until we start sketching our
moments of youth.

That is perhaps why we see all our memories
in black and white.

Life continues; it's richest,
most bittersweet and cringeworthy events
at a streak.

Adolescence, painted in colors of passion
and bright ardor.

Life, gradually summing up to its
final version of the painting.
We paint the new people we bring.

And sometimes, we run out of colors
to draw the people we lose.

Life, no more than a
color-coded series of events.
We're given everything to draw it to our preference.

And when in an artist's block,
you just have to look at the big picture.
The hues of life
I felt artsy, and I'm finally on a one-week vacation! Why not? :meow:
There once was a village girl
who'd gaze at the stars.
On the same night, each year,
she'd contemplate the sky: from Jupiter to Mars.

She'd remember what a man had told her when she was just a baby:
"I want you to listen, but I can't tell you why.
For the next fifteen years, on this same night,
you must look out at the sky."

She never knew who he was, or why he had said that.
That same night, he had found her a place for her own.
"You will stay here with Dolly, she will take care of you for now.
There's no time to explain, but remember that you are not alone."

Tonight, she wondered what'd happen,
as fifteen years had already gone by.
She packed all her things and headed outside,
and at Dolly waved a 'good-bye.'

In the crowded village, she spotted a man
holding a bright, yellow balloon star.
She approached him, not saying a word,
and he lead her to the royal castle that was really, really far.

They got there at midnight, but the lights were still on.
"I see you did listen to me. My girl, how have you been?"
She stared at the King and Queen, perplexed.
"Daughter, you're a princess now. We can crown you now that you're sixteen."
You're Sixteen
For a friend whose birthday is in a couple of days. :meow:

and no one knows what ever happened to Dolly...


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"An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means its going to launch you to something great. So just focus, and keep aiming."

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